Active, Listening... from the Heart

Hello fellow energetic being having a human experience...

I'm Matt, a qualified counsellor and therapist, natural healer, empath and energy worker. My qualifications are further down... but please wait a moment, I want to speak to you. Really, truly speak to you.


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Do You Feel Heard?

I know that during the lowest moments of my life they have either been caused by or made worse by: not feeling heard. This adds to a sense of invisibility. We cannot ignore the general feeling of isolation that is in the air right now.

Some of this is personal, down to our individual experience. Some of it is deliberately manipulated. There is strength and power in unity. It makes sense, then, that some would really rather we stay isolated, alone and feeling powerless.

You are not powerless.

You are stronger than you could ever imagine.

I often struggle to hear this too. This does not make it any less true.

A part of realising this truth is to re-connect with our selves. I believe that being heard is the core of this process. This enables us to come together in our true communites and tribes.

Welcome to my tribe. You have been missed...

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Online or Phone

You can chat with me online on Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp video or simply on the phone. Each listening session lasts 45 minutes. It's a deeply connected experience where you talk - I listen.

Whilst I am trained in counselling, and may use these skills if needed, this is an active listening appointment, not formal therapy.

Sometimes we just need to be heard by another human being. Often, this is enough.

I'm great with tears - cry as much as need to. I am sensitive to energy, I may advise on how to better manage the emotional slumps/highs - because everything is energy.

Does this resonate? If so.... my qualifications below may be useful for you to know. Personally I consider these secondary to the need for empathic connection between two people, but sure, it may give you extra confidence to join me...

In being heard.

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Housekeeping and More Info

In 2023 I started to expand the ways in which I help. I have some experience in media and had been asked by clients if I could put some of the information I had given them into some sort of media content - such as video, audio, infographics, to help the information to absorb. This also got me to thinking, there was a layer missing in what I do. Not everyone wants a full-on therapy session. Everyone does want to be heard. This is why you are here, reading this.

I am excited to hear you. I am open to listening to what you have to say. I may, or may not, give advice. I will definitely care.

Please take a look at my training below and do feel free to pop me a message. I accept, and respond to:

  • SMS (texts)
  • Emails
  • Twitter/X DM's
  • Facebook messenger messages

I do answer phone calls, but often am not by my phone, especially earlier in the day, so feel free to try, but the above are better.


Right now this empathic listening service is 1-1. I need to update my tech to start group listening and support groups/workshops and more.... so bear with me. You can also support me to develop these, if you so wish, on my ko-fi.

Please also read the disclaimer in the legal section.

Until we connect further.... here's something for you:

BIG hug! Matt X

A Little About Me

I've been qualified in counselling, therapy and healing modalities since 1999 (healing) and 2002 (therapy). I've been a natural/empathic healer since childhood.

I work a little differently than what I would call traditional counsellors but have included some of my training below, because I understand you may never have heard of me, and sure, this can give you confidence in my experience. This empathic, active listening session isn't counselling, nor formal healing.

It is being heard.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 14.00 to Midnight UK Time


Address: Sandbach, Cheshire UK, Manchester UK and London - all sessions online/phone.
Phone: +44(0)7716232865



To donate and follow all projects: Ko-Fi:


Please feel free to email me through this form - I will respond to your message as soon as possible. The fee for this service is: 45.00GBP.